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Shannon and Blake

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

Once upon a time, in the Lone Star State
At Fabi & Rossi we met, sealing our fate.
In Austin's heart, a love did bloom
Sparks flew, in that cozy room.

Swiftly came a house, puppies, pandemic & a freeze so great,
Our love endured, unwavering, an eternal fate.
On May 28th 2022, at Sway he bent his knee,
The easiest "yes" for him and me.

Now back in our homestate we reside,
A new chapter, side by side.
With love in our hearts and stars above,
Our forever begins, bound by love.

In Austin's embrace, our story took flight,
A tale of love, forever shining bright.
Hand in hand, we face what's in store,
Together we'll journey, forevermore.